Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Further behind than I thought...

After just making TWO new blog posts, I thought I was caught up... ummm, NOPE!  I was mistaken!  I am much further behind in my updating that I thought I was, oops! :)  I guess that means there will be another, "just a bunch of cakes with no real stories" post coming up right away!

Carriage cookies as wedding favours... these are the only photos I have, but they are not of the GOOD cookies, they're just the practise cookies!?

Hockey Jersey, butter cream only

Monster High

Darth Vader

This was my FIRST Lego cake... now I think I've done 4, with a 5th (different style though) coming soon!

Baptism cake... I could NOT remember who this was for!!!  But it just came to me... MY NEPHEW and another little guy!  Oops, brain fart!

Car/truck birthday cake

Butter cream Batman

Retirement/birthday cake (they were retiring FROM the Canotek news, I believe)

Sesame Street cake and cookies


TMNT cake and cupcakes... this is the first of 2, but no photos of the 2nd one as I was leaving for AUSTRALIA the next day and just didn't bother with photos!

Halloween cookies

Butterfly cake and smash cakes

Baptism cookies, cake and cupcakes

Circus cake

Lego cake

...and I think that means I am FINALLY up to date on cake and cookie photos on my blog!  Does that mean I can take another 10 month blogging break?!  LOL!