Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sleepless, not in Seattle!

After one really busy weekend a few months ago I swore I'd never do 4 cakes in the same weekend again, and I stuck to it.  But last weekend I had the least sleep I've ever had involving a cake decorating situation... and I made my OWN wedding cake!!  On the last day of school I took some cupcakes to my oldest daughter's class for the party they were having.  While I was there I went outside to say hello to my other 2 girls, so they wouldn't hear I was at school and they didn't get to see me!  It was perfect timing, as my youngest was about to be brought into the Principal's office with a nasty looking injury on her arm.  I would have sworn it was broken, on the verge of being a compound (bone sticking out) fracture!  So, instead of getting my last minute cake supplies shopping done (teaches me to procrastinate) I took her to the hospital!  Thank goodness nothing was broken, but then I had to take her out to lunch, and do my shopping with her with me... if you've ever shopped with a monkey you know what it's like to shop with a 5 year old!  CRAZY!
So, anyway, as a result of all my unexpected delays I was up ALL night Thursday night baking!  Took a little nap around 8 am for about 2 or 3 hours, felt like crap afterwards!  But, I muscled through it all and got my cakes done, YAY!  I don't even remember how late I was up Friday night, until about 2 am Saturday morning, I believe... had to set 3 alarms to make sure I'd be awake for me 9 am wedding cake delivery!  But it was worth it, I think!

In addition to the wedding cake there was also a birthday cake, kind of a vintage air plane theme:

Then this weekend I had my oldest's 10th birthday party, plus a dozen cupcakes, 50 sugar cookies and a cake!  Sometimes I think I'm just a little bit insane... but I think I have to be, to continue to do cake decorating!
Sugar cookies... or "hand crampers" as they were knows during the decorating process!

There IS a cake that goes with the cookies, but I forgot my actual camera (thank goodness for cameras in phones... what will they think of next?)  Now I just have to figure out how to release the photos from the phone's clutches and get it into my computer...
Here we go... I freed the photos!  I can only take credit for the top cake, I did not do the cupcakes

Robot Cupcakes
Thank the good Lord that my daughter took pity on me or something and all she requested for a cake was an ice cream cake!  No decorating required... sweet kid, think I'll keep her!
I totally forgot! My middle daughter's teacher read "Charlotte's Web" to the class, so on the 2nd last day of school they had a "Charlotte's Web" party, complete with movie and snacks!  So, naturally, the night before the party, at about 11 pm, I came up with the brilliant idea of making chocolate spiders!  I already had the chocolate leftover from a previous project, so it'd be perfect.  After piping all those little spiders, they looked so cute and small and... fragile!  I didn't know how they were going to make it to school with all their little legs intact!  So I came up with the perfect (perfectly crazy) plan... I should definitely bake mini cupcakes at midnight so that the little chocolate spiders have fluffy buttercream clouds to ride on!  And that's what I did...

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