Saturday, 22 June 2013

Piggy Party!!!

For reasons I can not explain, my middle daughter INSISTED that she had to have a pig party for her 6th birthday!  She seems to be obsessed with pigs right now... she is still willing to eat bacon though, so she's not going off the deep end!  LOL!
Pig lollipop


Loot Bags

Banner, not piggy but still cute... and reusable for each child! :)

Piggy mask and other craft

Piggy cookies

Cute little fondant pigs for the cake... my favourite is the front one with his head tilted!

Marshmallow pop pig noses

Piggy cake

Not pig related, but looks on theme since it's kind of "muddy", this was our family dessert for my daughter's birthday... slutty brownies!!  If you haven't tried them, go, NOW, google then make, then ENJOY!!!

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