Saturday, 22 June 2013

Crabby Birthday

So, my middle child wanted a pig party and then my youngest decided she wanted a CRAB party!  Pigs were hard enough to find party stuff for, but crabs was even worse!

Pinata... a LOT of work for something that is going to be smashed to get at it's yummy centre!

Cute little fondant crabs to go on the cake

Crab lollipop

Crabby loot "bags" (buckets)... I was SHOCKED at all the crab stuff I actually found!

Crab cookie favours... tag reads "Thank you for coming to Caitlyn's party!  Hope you had a CRABulous tim!"

Cake... I admittedly ran out of time to make a fancy cake, but I think it's cute!

Birthday girl with "pin the claw on the crab"

Crab croissant sandwiches... no real crabs were consumed during this party!

Kind of plain on the outside, but rainbow on the inside!

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