Saturday, 22 June 2013

All caught up!!!

This is it, after this post I am all caught up!  I can't believe it!!
Lady bug and butterflies cake

Front end loader 

Lightning McQueen

Storm Trooper

Strawberry Shortcake theme

1st birthday car cake

Baptism for mom and 2 kids
 Cookies for baptism

Bottle o' wine in a crate

60th birthday... added to my favorites list!

Cute little fondant ducks... mommy, daddy & baby

Smash cake for my nephew's 1st birthday!

Sesame Street

Title says it all... the faces and sign on the cake were all cut out by hand with an xacto knife!  Time consuming, but the final product was so worth it!!
Big Bird
 Cookie Monster

Cookie monster smash cake

The 2 cakes together

Crabby Birthday

So, my middle child wanted a pig party and then my youngest decided she wanted a CRAB party!  Pigs were hard enough to find party stuff for, but crabs was even worse!

Pinata... a LOT of work for something that is going to be smashed to get at it's yummy centre!

Cute little fondant crabs to go on the cake

Crab lollipop

Crabby loot "bags" (buckets)... I was SHOCKED at all the crab stuff I actually found!

Crab cookie favours... tag reads "Thank you for coming to Caitlyn's party!  Hope you had a CRABulous tim!"

Cake... I admittedly ran out of time to make a fancy cake, but I think it's cute!

Birthday girl with "pin the claw on the crab"

Crab croissant sandwiches... no real crabs were consumed during this party!

Kind of plain on the outside, but rainbow on the inside!

More cakes and cookies!

Thomas the Train... now, you purists would tell me that this is actually Gordon because there is a '2' on his side, but it is meant to be Thomas but it was for a 2nd birthday, hence the '2'!

Misc Christmas cookies

Minnie themed 2nd birthday

Not fancy, but OMG so good!  Mousse cake for MY birthday!

Slightly too dark Lightning McQueen... what can you do when your red darkens over night?!

Angry Birds

Robot cupcakes

Swimming pool... note the teeny tiny beer in a teeny tiny cozy! 

cute little flip flops beside the pool

Miami Dolphins inspired jersey

Cowgirl boot

Baby shower for 3 moms... 2 girls and 1 boy expected!


Minnie inspired 3rd birthday

Toy Story!

This little girl couldn't decide between Spiderman and Max & Ruby, so this is what I came up with!

We all know what this is, man...

Simple sprinkle cake with a surprise inside...

This is what 425+ mini cupcakes looks like on my counter!

They look SO much nicer all decorated and set up!

Cake walk cakes, donated to my children's school... no, I did not use leftover icing from the 425 mini cupcakes order, I swear! LOL!