Friday, 23 August 2013

How do people come up with interesting titles for each blog post??!

I have nothing exciting to say... here are some pictures! :)

Hand painted peacock cake

Horse themed cake

Moustache cake

Pokemon cake

Wedding cake, that went with the scrabble cake
 "Tiffany" cake, that went with the wedding cake and scrabble cake

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Just checking...

Just a quick post to see if I can actually post a video... yes I said video!  Of a cake I made recently:

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Well, it seemed to work for me, so hopefully it works for anyone that tries to view it!  Now I can explain it a bit.  It was a very small (4") cake for a 40th birthday of a guest at a wedding.  I was told the guy liked scrabble, photography and frisbee.  That is what I came up with! :)  There are also still photos, but I think the video is more fun! :)

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sleepless, not in Seattle!

After one really busy weekend a few months ago I swore I'd never do 4 cakes in the same weekend again, and I stuck to it.  But last weekend I had the least sleep I've ever had involving a cake decorating situation... and I made my OWN wedding cake!!  On the last day of school I took some cupcakes to my oldest daughter's class for the party they were having.  While I was there I went outside to say hello to my other 2 girls, so they wouldn't hear I was at school and they didn't get to see me!  It was perfect timing, as my youngest was about to be brought into the Principal's office with a nasty looking injury on her arm.  I would have sworn it was broken, on the verge of being a compound (bone sticking out) fracture!  So, instead of getting my last minute cake supplies shopping done (teaches me to procrastinate) I took her to the hospital!  Thank goodness nothing was broken, but then I had to take her out to lunch, and do my shopping with her with me... if you've ever shopped with a monkey you know what it's like to shop with a 5 year old!  CRAZY!
So, anyway, as a result of all my unexpected delays I was up ALL night Thursday night baking!  Took a little nap around 8 am for about 2 or 3 hours, felt like crap afterwards!  But, I muscled through it all and got my cakes done, YAY!  I don't even remember how late I was up Friday night, until about 2 am Saturday morning, I believe... had to set 3 alarms to make sure I'd be awake for me 9 am wedding cake delivery!  But it was worth it, I think!

In addition to the wedding cake there was also a birthday cake, kind of a vintage air plane theme:

Then this weekend I had my oldest's 10th birthday party, plus a dozen cupcakes, 50 sugar cookies and a cake!  Sometimes I think I'm just a little bit insane... but I think I have to be, to continue to do cake decorating!
Sugar cookies... or "hand crampers" as they were knows during the decorating process!

There IS a cake that goes with the cookies, but I forgot my actual camera (thank goodness for cameras in phones... what will they think of next?)  Now I just have to figure out how to release the photos from the phone's clutches and get it into my computer...
Here we go... I freed the photos!  I can only take credit for the top cake, I did not do the cupcakes

Robot Cupcakes
Thank the good Lord that my daughter took pity on me or something and all she requested for a cake was an ice cream cake!  No decorating required... sweet kid, think I'll keep her!
I totally forgot! My middle daughter's teacher read "Charlotte's Web" to the class, so on the 2nd last day of school they had a "Charlotte's Web" party, complete with movie and snacks!  So, naturally, the night before the party, at about 11 pm, I came up with the brilliant idea of making chocolate spiders!  I already had the chocolate leftover from a previous project, so it'd be perfect.  After piping all those little spiders, they looked so cute and small and... fragile!  I didn't know how they were going to make it to school with all their little legs intact!  So I came up with the perfect (perfectly crazy) plan... I should definitely bake mini cupcakes at midnight so that the little chocolate spiders have fluffy buttercream clouds to ride on!  And that's what I did...

Saturday, 22 June 2013

All caught up!!!

This is it, after this post I am all caught up!  I can't believe it!!
Lady bug and butterflies cake

Front end loader 

Lightning McQueen

Storm Trooper

Strawberry Shortcake theme

1st birthday car cake

Baptism for mom and 2 kids
 Cookies for baptism

Bottle o' wine in a crate

60th birthday... added to my favorites list!

Cute little fondant ducks... mommy, daddy & baby

Smash cake for my nephew's 1st birthday!

Sesame Street

Title says it all... the faces and sign on the cake were all cut out by hand with an xacto knife!  Time consuming, but the final product was so worth it!!
Big Bird
 Cookie Monster

Cookie monster smash cake

The 2 cakes together

Crabby Birthday

So, my middle child wanted a pig party and then my youngest decided she wanted a CRAB party!  Pigs were hard enough to find party stuff for, but crabs was even worse!

Pinata... a LOT of work for something that is going to be smashed to get at it's yummy centre!

Cute little fondant crabs to go on the cake

Crab lollipop

Crabby loot "bags" (buckets)... I was SHOCKED at all the crab stuff I actually found!

Crab cookie favours... tag reads "Thank you for coming to Caitlyn's party!  Hope you had a CRABulous tim!"

Cake... I admittedly ran out of time to make a fancy cake, but I think it's cute!

Birthday girl with "pin the claw on the crab"

Crab croissant sandwiches... no real crabs were consumed during this party!

Kind of plain on the outside, but rainbow on the inside!