Tuesday, 8 May 2012

I think I am all Hello Kitty-ed out!

It was my youngest daughter's birthday party this past weekend.  She had told me months ago that she wanted "a Hello Kitty birthday with Hello Kitty presents."  So ever since then I have been all over all the Hello Kitty stuff I could find... there was a lot more than I expected!

Since I had the time I started crafting a few things ahead of time... pom-pom decorations, a wreath, Hello Kitty ears for her to wear, loot bags, etc.  Here are some pictures of the things I made!

Wreath for front door

 Sugar Cookies

One special cookie on a stick for the birthday girl!

More sugar cookies

Birthday girl about to enjoy a cupcake ON her birthday (big cake was for her party)

With her Hello Kitty ears on

 Hello Kitty cake, after the blowing out of the candles (note the holes!)

Poor view of some of the decorations

Loot bag stuff (I altered it some for the boys though!)

 Pop stand (only made marshmallow pops, ran out of time for cake pops)

Birthday banner

Loot bags

It was a lot of work, but she enjoyed every minute of it!  Less than 2 months and I get to do another party for my oldest daughter...

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