Friday, 28 October 2011

Snake Cake

It was a busy day of cakes for me today.  Finished the fireman's helmet cake that I had started on details for earlier in the week (the emblem), and then I also had a snake cake to do for a friend's son.

First I baked 2 cakes in bundt pans, and dirty iced them:

 Then I had to make it look like a coiled snake, and not just 2 "donuts" on top of eachother: 

And add a head:

Covered in fondant... now THAT was a chore!

 From another angle:

And then I airbrushed him:

And added a tongue (I made 3 tongues in case of breakage, and this is not the tongue I sent him away with... I wish I'd taken a picture of that, I prefered the final tongue over this one!)

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