Saturday, 15 October 2011

Hello Kitty, hot pink AND zebra print?!?

I don't know where my neighbor came up with the theme/color scheme for her daughter's party, but it was a fun one to work with!  Originally I was asked to just make a Hello Kitty cake for about 20 kids, then my neighbor called and asked, first if I was busy with any other cakes, and then when I said no she asked if I could make a bigger cake or something so that it would feed the 20 kids plus another 12+ people (adults).  THEN she told me what the color scheme was, hot pink and zebra print!??  I had a plan right away!  As luckily she was willing to let me go with it, without telling her what it was!

First I did the hot pink & zebra print base:

Then I carved an 8" round cake to be the shape of Hello Kitty's head, covered it with fondant and did some of the details (not that Hello Kitty HAS a lot of details, but they ARE specific):

Then I stacked Hello Kitty on top of the zebra print tier:

Added a little ribbon around Hello Kitty's "neck", and some decorative balls/pearls around the bottom of each tier:

Final touch, Hello Kitty's whiskers... all done!:

Close up:

So happy with the end result... there are so few actual details to Hello Kitty, but that almost makes it easier to mess it up!

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