Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Fireman's Helmet

It's turning into a many step process to make a fireman's helmet cake for my father in laws retirement(from the fire department)/60th birthday party.  I knew it wouldn't be easy, but I was in the dark about how many little details there are.  So far I have the emblem done.  I'm satisfied with it, not 100% happy, but I honestly don't see me being able to make it any better, plus I have much more to focus on in the next few days as it is not the only cake that I have to work on!

Emblem shape:

Getting there:

And done (seen with his actual fire fighter's helmet):

I've also attempted to recreate his name tag that is velcroed to the helmet:

Now the cake shaping process begins:

Gotta add that little ridge down the top:
 All dirty iced and ready to go to bed for the night!
 I couldn't help but keep thinking about the "man with the big yello hat" from Curious George at this stage!
 We're getting there:
 All done!  Side view:
 Front view:
 Other side view:
 Back view:

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