Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Cakes galore!

There is no way that I am ever going to be able to make a separate blog entry for every single cake I have made, there have been so many just in the past YEAR!  Never mind all the ones pre-digital camera (unless I figure out how to scan, those will never get posted...sorry)  So... I decided that I would do one big post with a whole bunch of cake pictures and a few little explanations here and there as to what the cakes were about!

Here it goes...
Burgundy wedding cake:

Shower cupcakes for my husband's cousin's wedding shower, with homemade chocolate hearts, gumpaste calla lilies, and chocolate dipped strawberries:

A castle cake... my first one, good, but not great...

My youngest daughter's 2nd birthday cake, with handmade chocolate butterflies:

Snowman cupcakes for the "Winter Party" at my childrens' school:

Wedding cake for my husband's cousin's wedding (mentioned above), with gumpaste calla lilies:

Oh, yeah, I do cookies too! :)

Wedding cake for friends of ours... they didn't know what they wanted on top of their cake, so I made a mock-up of an idea I had and emailed them a picture... they loved it!  So here is the cake with the final product cake topper/monogram thing that I made... the monogram is made out of chocolate! (if you can't tell in the picture, it's an "M" and a "V" together, their 1st name initials)

Spiderman: my first time attempting a frozen buttercream transfer.  Very happy with the result!  I wrote the birthday boy's name in the web, and continued the webbing down the sides of the cake.

webbing on sides of the cake...

A simple, yet masculine, 30th birthday cake:

My 2nd castle, made for my middle daughter's 4th birthday.  MUCH better, I think, than the first one!  Maybe it's just the extra details...

A "burger" and "fries" for the kids for April Fools day!  The hamburger bun is white/yellow cake, the patty is brownie, held together with buttercream "mustard", "ketchup" and "mayo".  The fries are sugar cookies, cut in strips, baked, then tossed in sugar while still warm!

Justin Bieber... not too hard on my part, just an edible photo of the Biebs and some piping for the added details.

Polka dot cake for a neighbor's son's 1st birthday (there were cupcakes to match!)

Ice cream cone cake pops, just for fun!

Cake pops for the kids' school... school colors are yellow and blue!

  Mickey Mouse cake pop for my youngest's 3rd birthday

Probably the worst LOOKING cake I've made in a long time, I like to try something new when it's for my own family, I know they'll still love me even if it looks terrible!  I decided I wanted to try covering a cake in ganache... tasted FANTASTIC (it was a chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream layered in the middle!) but didn't look so great.  It's supposed to be a Mickey Mouse ears hat.

For a 70th birthday I was asked to make a tea pot cake.  It wasn't the easiest cake to make, covering the pot in fondant was the hardest part... I think I had my fondant a little too thin too, but I was in a crunch, I had almost  run out of fondant! (bad me!) so I worked with what I had!  To go with the tea pot I also made a bunch of cupcakes and some chocolate butterflies.

For my husband, the weekend fisherman, I wanted to do something special, so I decided that I'd try my hand at carving a cake into the shape of a fish!  I had never carved before, so this was a new thing.  I also had recently bought an airbrusher, which I had never used, and decided that I would also airbrush his cake!  As I mentioned before, I like to try new things with my family's cakes.
Before any baking was done, I found a picture of a fish cake on the internet that I liked, and used that to make myself a template for the fish's body as well as for making the fins and tail.  I used gumpaste to make the fins and tail about a week before I did any baking.

I baked a 9x13, red velvet (oh yeah, I wanted to surprise my husband when he cut into the cake!... and red velvet was yet another thing I had never tried before!  This cake was FULL of firsts!) and I carved it into the basic shape of a fish, then I rounded it out by adding some of the scraps to the top of the fish.

Then I dirty iced it

Next came covering it in fondant, and adding in some detail lines.  As well as seeing how it looked with the fins and tail added on...

And here it is all airbrushed and ready to eat!

I took photos from many angles... I was a little proud of the cake! ;)

My husband loved his fish cake...and so did everyone else that was at his party!  Here's what it looked like, cut into, all red velvety!  And it was YUMMY too!

So there you go... cakes galore!  And there will soon be another post of MORE cakes (& cookies!), but I have to actually go and do something productive now :(

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