Monday, 19 September 2011

A cake filled weekend

I see it has been exactly a month since the last time I posted on my blog... not so bad, I thought it had been longer! 
This was a busy week/end for cakes for me.  A few times I have let myself do 2 cakes for one weekend, but it's always pretty hectic.  Since I am only one person AND I have 3 kids, it feels like a lot more work.  BUT this week/end I had THREE cakes, plus a dozen cupcakes!  What was I thinking??  All in all though, it went really well!  Most likely because a) 2 of my kids are in school all day, and b) because my parents were here to sort of keep my youngest out of my hair!
The first cake was a first birthday cake with a picture of Baby Mickey on it.  I used the frozen buttercream transfer method for baby Mickey:

Then I had ANOTHER first birthday cake, this one was white fondant with pink & orange polka dots and a number 1 on the cake... just a 4" round, 2 layer cake for the little girl  to smash.  I hope she had fun smashing her cake!

The most challenging cake I had to do was a dinosaur cake.  The mom emailed me a picture of what she'd like her son's cake to look like... this is the picture here (I don't know where the original photo came from, so I can't currently give credit to it's creator):

And then, with a couple small changes, this is the cake I created:
Not a bad rendition, if I do say so myself!  I don't know how the original dinosaur was made, but I made mine out of rice krispie treats, then covered him in white chocolate to make him not so bumpy, and then covered him in the fondant.
I didn't take any pictures of the cupcakes... they were just regular vanilla cupcakes... but they tasted delicious!  Convenient that a recipe makes 24 cupcakes yet they only needed 12, so darn, we had to eat the other 12! LOL!

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