Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Shoes, shoes and more shoes

In January I was asked to make a ballet cake... I had no idea what I was going to do for it!  I had googled and found a few really cute cakes with little ballerinas on them, but I had NO clue how to make a ballerina!  So I asked the mom if it was ok if I just did gumpaste ballet shoes on the top of the cake, (because even though I'd never made shoes before I figured they'd be easier than a person) and she was fine with that.  It took some practice and one trial run before I figured it out but I was so happy with the results, and so was she!  She even said that it was nicer than their wedding cake!

Practice shoe, sprayed pink:

Practice shoe finished (it's multi colored because I wanted to use up as many "scraps" of gumpaste as I could):

The finished, final shoes! (done with pink gumpaste, not white gumpaste sprayed pink)

From another angle:

And the whole cake!

In February I was asked to make a high heel shoes cake by the mom of a classmate of my oldest daughter, for her mom's 60th (I think) birthday (catch all that?!).  I had only made gumpaste shoes once before (the ballet slippers) and I knew this was going to be very different, so off to the computer I went to find out how to make gumpaste high heels!  I did a paper sample first so I knew what it would, or SHOULD, look like in the end... I even tried it on because it looked like it would fit LOL and I'm glad I did because I've actually had a few people ask me what size the shoes were! (they were a 10!)

The pattern:

I needed a way to form the right shape for the base of the shoes, so I covered the inside of a pair of shoes with plastic wrap and used them as my "mold":

The inside lining of the shoes are now in:

The backs are done, those little baby food fruit containers were the perfect size for holding up and forming the heel of the shoes! 

A little close up of the "stitching" detail:


That high heels cake was all the talk, for a while, of anyone that had seen it!  Thanks to that one cake I ended up doing 2 more!  One for a friend's mother-in-law's birthday, and one for a teacher that was retiring from my children's school... both in purple, but different sizes.

This pair were quite small!

And then this pair were another size 10!

Somewhere in between the first and 3rd high heels cakes I also did a baby's christening cake that had baby booties on top.  Back to ol' google to find out how in the world I was to accomplish that!  I was so happy with the way they turned out, but hope that I never have to make another pair... they were by far the most difficult of all the shoes I have made!

Baby bootie:

 Cake with booties on top:

 Closer shot of booties on cake:


  1. don't you have the template for the ballerina slipper shoe? I'm from Rome Sabrina

    1. I do have the template for the ballerina slipper, I just didn't think of taking a picture of it at the time! I believe I got the pattern from a website called Cake Central.