Sunday, 14 August 2011

The making of a man

I was asked to make a golf cake for a friend of a friend... No problem, easy, I've done quite a few golf cakes over the years.  Then she asked me to make a little golfer, a little bald golfer, to go on the cake as well!  I have NEVER made a person out of fondant, gumpaste, whatever!  This was certainly going to be a new challenge... but I was ready and excited for it.

I started by making him just a head:

Side view (notice he even has ear indents!):

Then I gave him a body, some pupils and eyebrows... making him look less creepy!:

And then he got some legs/pants:

A close view of one of his little arms/hands:

Now his arms are on and he has a collar and "buttons" on his shirt:

Here you can kind of see his little golf shoes! (no, that's not a club...yet, just a skewer to keep his hands and legs apart:

Here's his little club (made out of dry spagettini with a fondant handle & club head)!

Well, there he is... the making of a man, a sweet little sugary fondant man!

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