Wednesday, 10 August 2011

I think the world is against me!

Ever since I decided to start this blog yesterday I have had nothing but trouble with the computer!  I have tried uploading photos to post and it would take forever, so I tried to upload them to another website (photobucket) and then just use the URL to post the pictures... well then the computer shuts off the internet on it's own!  Grrr!  That was last night, so I went to bed and decided to start fresh in the morning... I finally got a chance to get on the computer and started uploading photos to photobucket again, it's going great, but there are a lot of photos so I decided to go and do a few other things and come back in about an hour or 2.  I come back and it's still uploading, so that looks good!  All of a sudden the power goes out!  Arrgh!  Start the computer up again, log back on to the couple of websites, go to start uploading again and the internet shuts off again!  Come on, really?!  This computer drives me nuts!

Hopefully, soon, I'll actually have a post that had pictures in it!

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