Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Further behind than I thought...

After just making TWO new blog posts, I thought I was caught up... ummm, NOPE!  I was mistaken!  I am much further behind in my updating that I thought I was, oops! :)  I guess that means there will be another, "just a bunch of cakes with no real stories" post coming up right away!

Carriage cookies as wedding favours... these are the only photos I have, but they are not of the GOOD cookies, they're just the practise cookies!?

Hockey Jersey, butter cream only

Monster High

Darth Vader

This was my FIRST Lego cake... now I think I've done 4, with a 5th (different style though) coming soon!

Baptism cake... I could NOT remember who this was for!!!  But it just came to me... MY NEPHEW and another little guy!  Oops, brain fart!

Car/truck birthday cake

Butter cream Batman

Retirement/birthday cake (they were retiring FROM the Canotek news, I believe)

Sesame Street cake and cookies


TMNT cake and cupcakes... this is the first of 2, but no photos of the 2nd one as I was leaving for AUSTRALIA the next day and just didn't bother with photos!

Halloween cookies

Butterfly cake and smash cakes

Baptism cookies, cake and cupcakes

Circus cake

Lego cake

...and I think that means I am FINALLY up to date on cake and cookie photos on my blog!  Does that mean I can take another 10 month blogging break?!  LOL!

Minion chaos!

I was recently asked to make a Minion, from "Despicable Me" for someone's birthday.  At first I thought, "Sure, that should be easy!"  Even after looking at pictures of minion cakes, and the pictures they sent me, and hearing what exactly they wanted, I was still very confident.  I had the design figured out both in my head and on paper, there would be no concerns, so I thought... then baking day came!

I baked all the layers I needed... five 6" layers for the body, and a 1/2 a ball layer for the rounded head.  Looking good, so far!  They layers were alternating vanilla and banana, luckily I had a surplus of bananas in the freezer :)

Once all my layers were cooled, I levelled and stacked them.  THAT is when the panic set in!  My minion was TOO skinny!  What was I going to do??  I had no more bananas, was low on other ingredients, it was late enough (10pm, at least) that my kids were all in bed, and my husband was far away on a trip so I couldn't just "run out" and get more supplies!  I sat on the couch, googling pictures of minions as my face got hotter and hotter as the panic grew and grew, my ears were even burning and I felt sick to my stomach! :(  Then, it happened, I saw a picture of many of the minions and some were short, some were tall, some had 1 eye, some had 2, some were fat, some were SKINNY!!!!  IT MIGHT ACTUALLY BE OK!!!??  So, I decided to take a break, covered the cake in the yellow fondant, then set it aside for the night and tackle it again after a, hopefully, good night's sleep!

The next morning I set to work.  The more I added to that minion, the better it looked!  After he was finally completed, he had become one of my newest favorites!!!  All that panic was for nothing... my husband always tells me I get too worked up about stuff, I guess he was right, for once! ;)

First night... will it work?!

Once his eye/goggle was added, things started looking up! (pun was just a happy coincidence!)

I was asked to make him holding a banana... such a cute little banana!!

Almost done!!

Added in his hair (I decided on 3 hairs because it was for a 3rd birthday!) and he's all done!!

The only thing I would have changed, is either the style of mouth I gave him, or a way to make his mouth a little more prominent.  He's perfectly fine as is, but since the fondant was already drying I couldn't make as deep of a mouth indent as I would have liked because the fondant start to crack.
All in all, though, I think he turned out AMAZING!!!  And am SO happy with him! :)

Long over due cake update!

I have never claimed to be good at this blogging thing... I have TRIED to be good at it, but I certainly never CLAIMED to be good at it! LOL!

70s themed 40th birthday... supposed to be a disco ball on top!:

Mostly butter cream Hello Kitty, and cupcakes:

Ottawa Senators:

Sweet 16 for a girl that likes horses, hockey, fishing, baseball, nail polish, lipstick, blue, pink, purple... I think that's it!:

Lego cake and cupcakes:

Giant cupcake smash cake, but didn't have a giant cupcake pan, so I did my best:

Teapot and cupcakes for 80th birthday tea party:

"Frozen" cake and cookies... only made 2 cookies, they were a surprise plus they took HOURS (days, really) to make!

John Deere cake and cookies:

Easter Bunny and carrot cookies:

Baptism cake (first time trying ruffles) and cookies:

"Barbie" cake for my youngest's 6th birthday!  SO happy with this cake!!!

Trying to show how well her dress matches the decorations, not just in colour but in ruffliness!
I have another cake to share, but I feel he deserves his own blog post!...